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#DIYZGuys Helps Me Improve My Garden Soil

#DIYZGuys Helps Me Improve My Garden Soil

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by the DIYZ® app. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’ve read my blog much before, you know I love to garden with my kids. Specifically, I’m a huge straw bale gardening enthusiast. Every spring, I order new straw bales to go under my fancy trellis, and the previous year’s bales get pulled apart and spread into a set of raised beds as a terrific compost.

What I plant in those beds has been somewhat hit-or-miss. However, some things really do grow great in there (potatoes and zucchini especially,) while other things just… don’t. I have yet to grow cauliflower or broccoli that is edible, and last year my peppers were pathetic.

So when my friends at DIYZ asked me to give their mobile app a try, I was excited to see that one of the projects included is How to Test Soil. It’s an area I knew nothing about — or should I say, I knew just enough to know that testing soil in my garden might be the key to figuring out what I should be planting and/or how I need to amend my soil to get the most out of it.

If you’re not familiar with the DIYZ app, here’s the gist; DIYZ (pronounced “D-I-WISE,” for “Do It Wise!”) features a large library of DIY projects. Each project provides DIYers of all skill levels with step-by-step guides and segmented videos that can help them tackle home improvement projects with confidence and ease. You get a comprehensive overview of the project, including difficulty, time, and cost, as well as a list of the tools and materials you need.

The DIYZ app is free to download and is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For a limited time, the video-chat feature is FREE, so download it for yourself now to check it out.

Speaking of the video-chat feature. The DIYZ app allows you to connect with a professional contractor, right at your fingertips via video-chat (or over the phone if you’re shy) to give you pro advice on more difficult projects. For my soil testing this wasn’t necessary, but I can think of many times I was rolling up my sleeves to do-it-myself and could have used some advice from a professional. DIYZ Pro Advisors are available from 6:00 PM to 1:00 AM ET Monday through Friday. On weekends, Pro Advisors will be available to help tackle projects from 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM ET.

I also liked how the app recommends all of the proper tools and materials to complete each project, and even provided the option to easily purchase without leaving the app, via Amazon. Super easy and convenient!

With our instructions in hand, I recruited my son Tucker to help me test our soil.

Check out a video of my son Tucker and I to see how we tested our soil:

As it turns out, after we tested our soil, it came out much better than I expected.  I was ready to find out that my soil was either super-duper acidic, or not acidic enough. Looks like it’s just about right for most of what I would like to grow! Woot!

Be sure to download the DIYZ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and try it for yourself. There are tons of projects, like How to Install a Pond, How to Pressure Wash Exterior Siding, How to Make a BBQ Spice Rack, How to Repair Drywall Holes, and everything in between!

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My Sons Stink. Help me #HeroClean! (Okay, I might need it too…)

My Sons Stink. Help me #HeroClean! (Okay, I might need it too…)

green-box-products-02-1Digging through the box of products sent to me by my new friends at Hero Clean, there was one product that really sparked my interest, and that’s their Odor Eliminator spray.

Because, lets face it, my boys stink.

Their room stinks, their beds stink, the piles of stuffed toys they sleep and sweat with nightly stink, their bathroom stinks, their shoes and boots stink, and their car seats stink. If it’s this bad when they’re 8 and 6, how bad is his going to get when they’re teenagers, right? I mean… they won’t be in car seats then, I hope, but… well you get the idea.

One of the most clever things to me is how much thought went into the scent of Hero Clean products. They wanted to avoid the overly sweet or floral scents so ubiquitous in cleaning products, but without falling into manly ridiculousness (does anyone really want a bacon scented house? I mean, with no bacon to go with it?) just what should these sorts of things designed with men in mind smell like? I think they really struck something right when they settled on using juniper.

Why juniper? Well, at least in part because it’s the primary ingredient in gin! The result is more of a subtle cologne, rather than overpoweringly floral or even bleachy smells.

Beyond the smart use of scent, Hero Clean also ups the smarts by using real science to deal with the problem of odors, particularly those caused by hormones specific to male biology. Hero Clean’s Odor Defeater Technology contains probiotic microbes that activate on contact with odor-causing bacteria, pushing the odor out and creating a barrier to further bacterial growth. SCIENCE!

Hero Clean Odor Defeater Technology

Hero Cleans Odor Defeater technology works to use probiotic microbes to eliminate odors.

And so, armed with my new odor defeating weapon, I dropped the boys off at school, and set out on an Odor Eliminating Mission around the house.

Taking out the odor coming from the pile of worn shoes in the closet.

Taking out the odor coming from the pile of worn shoes in the closet.


Monkey, my youngest son’s constant night-time companion, gets targeted for Odor Elimination.

The result? Well, I’m going to lie, my boys aren’t the only ones who create some pretty intense odors around here, and I may have done a second round targeting my own stinky gear. This stuff works, guys.

One more thing I want to mention that I love about this line of products: 7% of all Hero Clean product’s net profits are used to support our nations veterans through the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America). That’s awesome.

If you would like to try Hero Clean products for yourself, they’re available now at select Ace Hardware, Wegman’s, Runnings, and Target stores.

Disclosure: I received compensation for trying out Hero Clean and letting you know what I think of it. All opinions are my own though, as always.

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Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean

Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean


I may have an obsession with this particular message t-shirt…

I am a man who wears a lot of t-shirts. I’m also a man who does a lot of laundry. So you could say I know my way around washing t-shirts.

And yet, I have a problem: spots.

Mystery oil spots, to be specific.

Y’know, the ones that seem to show up on your clothes after they’ve been washed? Those.

Bane of my existence. Where do they come from? I have no idea. I’m not gonna lie, I’m certain I’ve created my fair share of stained shirts because of the one-two punch of being a pretty messy cook, and having a belly that is known to protrude from time to time. But these aren’t the remnants of dripped food. These are mystery spots. And no matter how much I spot-treat, they always seem to come back.

And nothing is worse than having someone come over and want to talk about my snazzy Dads Don’t Babysit shirt, and then noticing that I have a bunch of oil spots stippled across my belly.

So when Hero Clean sent me a bunch of their new products to try, I was eager to see if their laundry detergent could do a better job.

What’s Hero Clean, you ask? Hey, thanks for asking!

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Kelley Blue Book Announces 2017 Best Buy Award Winners

Kelley Blue Book Announces 2017 Best Buy Award Winners

You may remember that this past summer I was invited to be one of the #KBBDads, a team of fathers who was brought together by Kelley Blue Book to help them choose their Best Dad Car. We travelled to southern California, where we test-drove vehicles and got the low-down on how KBB evaluates cars for their listings from the very people KBB editors that have now compiled and announced their 2017 Best Buy Award Winners. Kelley Blue Book is the trusted resource for new and used car buyers, available 24/7 to help people make the best possible buying decisions, and I’m proud to help them share their yearly favorites.

Check out this fantastic video about the process used to determine the winners!

2017 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award Winners

“After carefully analyzing a wealth of data and conducting extensive vehicle testing and evaluation from the hundreds of models available for the 2017 model-year, we chose this elite group of 12 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award winners because they proved to be the top in their class this year,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book’s  “Kelley Blue Book editors went to the unprecedented choice of honoring the Honda Civic as the Overall Best Buy for the second year in a row because of the Civic’s unsurpassed all-around value.  It turns in very high marks in objective measures like resale value and cost to own, yet it also is a supremely satisfying car to drive and live with every day.  We believe the 2017 Civic is an exceptional value and remains the Overall Best Buy for the second year running.”

Overall Winner: 2017 Honda Civic


kbb-bba-logoToday’s compact cars are roomier, safer, more comfortable and tech-savvier than ever, and the recently redesigned Honda Civic is the undisputed king of the category.  Boldly styled, famously refined, supremely efficient, satisfying to drive, comfortable and loaded with appealing features, the Honda Civic is the first vehicle to be named our Overall Best Buy two years in a row.

Small Car: 2017 Honda Civic


kbb-bba-logoThe Honda Civic’s current run of Best Buy recognition spans two generations and now three model years.  Last year’s redesign earned it both a Best Buy Award and the top spot on our list of favorite new cars of the year, and it remains just as impressive and dominant in its second model year.

Mid-Size Car: 2017 Honda Accord


Honda’s famously dependable mid-size sedan is a resale value standout, keeping overall ownership costs low.  But the Accord also is satisfying to drive and thoroughly refined, qualifying it as a well-rounded package and earning it a second Best Buy Award.

Full-Size Car: 2017 Chevrolet Impala


kbb-bba-logoThe Chevy Impala remains as roomy, comfortable and value-oriented as you might expect.  But it’s also a design and tech standout, mixing stylish sheetmetal with an attractive interior and an impressive list of in-car technologies including Apple CarPlay and wireless phone charging.  A strong combination of purchase price and resale value help it win its third Best Buy Award in as many years.

Luxury Car: 2017 Audi A4


kbb-bba-logoThe totally redesigned Audi A4 claims this year’s Luxury Car Best Buy title with an elevated mix of tastefully modern exterior and interior styling, advanced but friendly technologies, excellent driving dynamics and lower overall ownership costs than some key competitors.

Sports/Performance Car: 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster


kbb-bba-logoWith a newfound emphasis on fuel economy, connectivity and everyday usability, the revamped 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster has effectively broadened its appeal while retaining the world-class dynamism for which the nameplate is renowned.

Electric/Hybrid: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime


kbb-bba-logoThe Prius lineup expands again for 2017, this time with a distinctly styled and outfitted plug-in model that delivers 25 miles of pure electric range, 640 miles of total full-charge/full-tank range, and a 133 MPGe rating that’s the highest of any electric car of any sort currently available.  Combined with the lineup’s well-documented history of reliability and low ownership costs, the Toyota Prius Prime wins our Electric/Hybrid Best Buy of 2017.

Small SUV/Crossover: 2017 Kia Sportage


kbb-bba-logoKia’s class-leading warranty coverage remains, but everything else about the Kia Sportage is all-new for 2017.  Its Best Buy Award-winning strengths include the bold face and sleek rear end, attractive and functional cockpit, roomy rear seat and practical cargo area.

Mid-Size SUV/Crossover: 2017 Honda Pilot


kbb-bba-logoFresh off a complete redesign last year, the newest Honda Pilot has it all – including its second Best Buy trophy.  It’s not only the roomiest and most practical SUV in the segment, it’s also comfortable, pleasant to drive and loaded with features that serve drivers and passengers alike.

Full-Size SUV/Crossover: 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe


kbb-bba-logoOffering a combination of style, comfort, economy and value that’s positively unmatched in market appeal, the Chevy Tahoe is the best-selling SUV in the segment and now a back-to-back-to-back Kelley Blue Book Best Buy for the third year running.

Luxury SUV/Crossover: 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLC


kbb-bba-logoOne vehicle at a time, Mercedes-Benz continues to build its most appealing lineup in years.  The exterior designs are intrinsically appealing, while the interiors are as rich as ever but far more contemporary and desirable.  Class-leading safety and convenience technologies also are part of the story, as is the persistent prestige of the three-pointed star.  The GLC embodies every bit of the automaker’s rediscovered style and swagger.

Truck: 2017 Ford F-150


kbb-bba-logoRadically redesigned with an aluminum-intensive architecture two years ago, the Ford F-150 has been named our Pickup Truck Best Buy ever since.  Beneath the groundbreaking construction are a variety of advanced engines and transmissions, and a long list of clever features and appealing technologies.  This year it adds one more trophy to its growing collection with its third consecutive Best Buy Award.

Minivan: 2017 Chrysler Pacifica


kbb-bba-logoChrysler’s all-new Pacifica minivan doesn’t just replace the long-running Town & Country, it blends luxury and practicality like no other minivan before it.  Luxury-level dash design up front is complemented by rear quarters that offer all the utility you expect in a minivan, but with uncommon design sensibilities.  It’s also a pleasure to drive, helping it lock up a Best Buy Award in its first year on the market.

“Vehicles in all segments are becoming better-equipped with more safety and tech features every year, so the competition is stiff for which models will take home a prestigious Best Buy Award,” Nerad said.  “Kelley Blue Book Best Buys represent the highest level of quality and value of all vehicles available in the American market.  With 90 years of trust in providing the auto industry with data and several decades of providing car shoppers with valuable information, Kelley Blue Book takes great pride in providing a significant consumer service by identifying the new vehicles that our experts believe to be the absolute best-value choices for new-car shoppers.”

For more information and news from Kelley Blue Book’s, visit, follow us on Twitter at (or @kelleybluebook), like our page on Facebook at, and get updates on Google+ at

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Life of Dad and Kelley Blue Book. I have received compensation for this post; however, all opinions stated are my own.

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“Dada! Cowboys and astronauts don’t skate, they ride horses and spaceships!” Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment PDX

“Dada! Cowboys and astronauts don’t skate, they ride horses and spaceships!” Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment PDX

“Hey boys, what would you say if I told you we’ve been invited to go to a show and see CARS, skating on ICE?”

“Hehehe Dada, you’re silly.”

“No, really! Cars! On skates!”


“Really! And that’s not all. There will also be a cowboy and an astronaut on skates too.”

“Hehehe, Dada! Cowboys and astronauts don’t skate, they ride horses and spaceships!”

“And did I mention that, if we’re lucky, we might get to see some mice skating too?”

“Mice don’t skaaaate!”

“Oh? Well, we’ll see about that.”

So that’s how I broke the news to my kids that we’re going to see the new Disney On Ice present Worlds of Enchantment show, that is coming to Portland next week, from October 20-23, 2016 at the Moda Center!


We’re really excited about this. The only big live show they’ve ever been to before was the Marvel Universe LIVE show we all got to take in last year, and they are primed and ready. Sure, there’s no web-slinging this time, but the fact that they actually get to see cars on skates has their imaginations bursting.

cars-finalWhile I don’t do it much now, as a Canadian, I, of course, grew up skating. Whether it was at hockey lessons, or on the rink that was constructed each winter at the local park, skating was a part of life once the weather got chilly.

We don’t get to do that here in mild, drizzly Portland (although my wife has fond childhood memories of watching the infamous Tonya Harding practice at the Lloyd Center Mall skating rink!) but if I can’t skate myself, I can do the next best thing and watch professionals do it better than I ever could.

I’m stoked!

Watch for the review of the show from myself and my kids next week!

See this post for more details on times and tickets.

Disclaimer: In exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog Feld Entertainment is provided me with complimentary tickets to the show. All opinions, however, are my own and those of my kids!

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Disney on Ice is coming to Portland!

Disney on Ice is coming to Portland!

Last year I was stoked to get to take my boys to see Marvel Universe LIVE. They had an amazing time. So I was equally excited to be able to tell them recently that we’ll be heading back to the MODA Center in October for a new show, this time, on ice!

Much more later, but for now, here’s more info on the show and how to get tickets…

cars-finalDisney On Ice presents Worlds of Enchantment features beloved characters from The Little Mermaid, Frozen and Disney•Pixar’s Cars and Toy Story 3.

Life-size Disney•Pixar’s Cars characters – Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and the crew – take their high-octane personalities and amusing antics to the ice.

Using custom animatronics, their eyes and mouths move with every twist and turn on the frozen highway. Each car has moving eyes and blinking eyelids. They are able to talk and actually drive on the ice. Mater even drives backwards!

disney-on-ice-presents-worlds-of-enchantment-420x225_q85_cropThis show brings together all the fun, humor and warmth of the hit Disney•Pixar film Toy Story 3 as Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang hit the ice in a high-energy jam-packed adventure that will take audiences to the edge of their seats and beyond.

The show includes the most exciting moments from the number one animated feature film of all time, Disney’s Frozen.

Audiences of all ages will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from the animated film including Anna and Elsa, along with Olaf and Kristoff, live on ice and will love to sing-along with all of the popular songs. Anna and Elsa share their heart felt story of true love between two sisters.

The Details

October 20 – 23, 2016
Thursday, October 20 7:00 PM
Friday, October 21 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 22 11:30 AM, 3:30 PM & 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 23 12:30 PM & 4:30 PM

Moda Center – One Center Court, Portland Ore. 97227

TICKETS: Ticket prices start at just $23 each*

[box]Discount Opening Night tickets available for as low as $15 each (not valid for VIP/Front Row premium levels).[/box]

Tickets now available for purchase online at, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or visit the Moda Center/Rose Quarter Box Office.

*prices subject to change; additional venue/ticketing fees may apply

Disclaimer: In exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog Feld Entertainment is provided me with complimentary tickets to the show. All opinions, however, are my own and those of my kids!

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What’s the best Dad Car? #KBBDads

What’s the best Dad Car? #KBBDads

I’ve never been much of a “car guy.”  In general, when I’ve thought about getting a car, my thoughts have been for me mostly about practical necessity and price, and way less about engine specs, or any sort of brand loyalty.

That said, I do have opinions! I like what I like, especially now that I’m a busy dad hauling a family (and all of our stuff) around town. Often that means what works best for the family’s needs and budget is the priority, not the top speed, flashy color, or if it looks like James Bond might step out of it at any time.

So when I was asked by Kelley Blue Book and Life of Dad to join a bunch of other dads at KBB HQ, to test drive five of their “16 Best Family Cars of 2016” you can bet I jumped at the chance. And not only because it meant a trip to Southern California for a few days!


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Sausage-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped, Maple-Glazed BBQ Turkey Breast

Sausage-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped, Maple-Glazed BBQ Turkey Breast

One of my strongest childhood memories was our family trip in 1985 to Orlando, Florida; our first pilgrimage to Walt Disney World. We did a lot of fun things, saw a lot of amazing sights, and ate a lot of good food. As one does on such a trip. And the strongest food memory I have?

Smoked. Turkey.

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Marvel Universe LIVE in PDX (Review)

Marvel Universe LIVE in PDX (Review)

My boys had a tough decision to make this morning, after they’d finished breakfast and had to get dressed:

Which superheroes would they be dressing up as to go see Marvel Universe LIVE?

My youngest opted for Captain America, muscle-bound, and carrying his trust shield/Frisbee with him everywhere he went.

My oldest opted for Spider-Man, but — ever the practical one — after wearing the mask for a short time he figured it blocked his view too much, and (wanting to be able to see every bit of the show)decided instead to wear his Spider-Man-print Hawaiian shirt, and attend the show as Peter Parker in disguise.

These tough choices decided, we packed up and headed to the Moda Center at the Rose Quarter, found our seats, and waited for the show to begin.

I think if there’s one word I would use to sum up the Marvel Universe LIVE experience, it would be this:


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To Yo-Kai! The Cause of, and Solution to, All of Life’s Problems

To Yo-Kai! The Cause of, and Solution to, All of Life’s Problems

As my kids get older, their choices in entertainment have gotten more complicated. They went from simple, charming shows about shapes and colors, to memorizing every member of certain super-teams and the complex histories of them all. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that they love things that are weird.

I first heard about Yo-Kai Watch when the good people at Hasbro were kind enough to send me some episodes of the new hit show, and a bunch of the assorted toys that tie directly to the show. They had one request: have your kids and their friends watch and play, and let us know what they think!

And let me tell you, when it comes to weird, Yo-Kai Watch delivers.

Don’t believe me? Let me explain the premise:

A young boy named Nate accidentally discovers the existence of mischievous spirits, called Yo-Kai, when he releases one from imprisonment and they are bonded together. Yo-Kai, it turns out, are everywhere, but are invisible and cause all sorts of mayhem. Nate is given a special watch that allows him to see them, and even summon these spirits to help when needed. The Yo-Kai help get him through the misadventures during his day, many of which involve stopping the mischief caused by the more trouble-making Yo-Kai.

CheeksqueekOkay, so I know that doesn’t sound that weird, yet, I know. But that’s because so far I haven’t gotten to the Yo-Kai named Cheeksqueek who has a head the shape of a butt. He can’t stop farting, and his special ability is making people fart.

In addition there’s the adorable cat-like thing that keeps pushing people in front of a bus, and a poodle with a man’s face. Also, a plot that surrounds the singular embarrassment of being known to have taken a poop at school. Seriously.

Oh, and hey, did I mention that Yo-Kai, a product of Japan (of course) is so popular in its home country that the movie version beat out Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office?

Here’s the trailer for the show, which gives a good idea of what it’s all about:

As I said, the show is weird. Like, capital W Weird if you’ve never seen really weird Japanese anime. So if you’re like me and my lovely wife, you’ll probably at some point find yourself asking out loud to know one in particular “What did I just watch?” But it’s also surprisingly funny at times, incredibly over-the-top, and we all enjoyed the episodes we watched a lot. The music was catchy, especially.


The best part though, at least for us, is definitely the toys and how well they integrate into the show. Just like Nate, the kids each donned a special Yo-Kai Watch, and were able to “summon” their favorite Yo-Kai by inserting special medals (called “Medalliums”) to activate unique sounds. Also included were small toys of the various Yo-Kai themselves, and a nifty binder where you can keep your collection of medals as it grows. There is also an app (available for iOS and Android) that allows you to interact with the Yo-Kai you’ve collected.

This is a really cool collect-and-trade sort of thing, and I can see why it’s becoming so popular.

Yo Kai Watch watches

We had a great time with our Yo-Kai Watch watching party!

Yo-Kai Watch can be seen on Disney XD, and if you want to know more about Yo-Kai, you can find them all over social media and the web here: Yo-Kai World | Yo-kai Watch on Facebook | Yo-kai Watch YouTube | Hasbro on Twitter

Disclosure: I was sent a box of Yo-Kai Watch toys and a screener DVD, and am being compensated for this post. All opinions are either my own, or those of the watch party attendees.

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Dads4Kesem: Why I’m Walking 84-Miles Across England This Summer

Dads4Kesem: Why I’m Walking 84-Miles Across England This Summer

What I’m about to tell you honestly started as something of a joke, to me. Someone posited the idea, and others got on board, and it truly sounded pretty awesome, but… there was just no way I could do it. No way. And so it was with that in mind I said to my wife that evening “Oh, honey, listen to this: some of my dad blogger friends are planning on flying to England next summer, and then walking 84 miles in a week across the country following the ruins of an ancient Roman wall. Doesn’t that sound awesome?”

But then came the shocker.

“Yeah it does!” she said, “You should do it! But that’s a long way, so only if you let me train you.”

And so here we are.

I’m so excited to be able to officially announce the Dads4Kesem Hadrian’s Wall Walk in July 2016, when I’ll be joining 11 other dad bloggers, writers, and influencers, as we walk together to raise funds for a new Camp Kesem chapter at the University of Maryland in honor of my friend Oren Miller, who lost his battle with cancer last year.

Here’s the sweet, sweet logo I had the privilege of making for the team:


I’m sure I will post a lot more about this adventure in the months ahead, as I prepare, raise funds, and try to get in better shape to survive this very long walk. 84 miles in a week means more than 10 miles a day, so I definitely have my work cut out for me.

The group’s website and fundraising page is, where you will be able to find out more about the walk, the team, and help us as we raise support for Camp Kesem.

Please note: All monetary funds raised will be going towards Camp Kesem’s new chapter, not to pay for the trip to England or costs associated with the walk itself. Each member of the team will be paying their own travel and other expenses.

Meet the Team!

About Camp Kesem!

Camp Kesem

Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. A program of Kesem, Camp Kesem operates over 80 free summer camps in 34 states for children ages 6 to 16 who have been touched by a parent’s cancer. This camping experience has a lasting impact on children by providing them a peer-support network that understands their unique needs, builds confidence and strengthens their communication skills. In 2016, Camp Kesem will serve over 6,000 children coast-to-coast – all funded by generous donations from individuals and corporate support. For more information on Camp Kesem, please visit,, and @CampKesem on Twitter & Instagram.

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Four Things About Marvel Universe LIVE That Will Blow My Kids’ Minds!

Four Things About Marvel Universe LIVE That Will Blow My Kids’ Minds!

In just a few more weeks, our family will be eagerly racing to the Moda Center here in Portland, for one of the most anticipated activities we’ve ever done — the Marvel Universe LIVE show.

I’m so excited, because I know this is going to absolutely blow their minds. Why? Well…

1) All of Their Favorites Will Be There

My sons have inherited their father’s ability to learn every detail about his favorite things, especially when it comes to superheroes. As a result, they doesn’t have one or two favorites, he has dozens. Due to various issues involving who has the rights to which character though, the Marvel movies can’t get them all in one place on the screen. But in this show? Every one of them will be making an appearance.


The Marvel Universe LIVE show features not only the headliners from the Avengers movies like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor, but also Spider-Man, and the X-Men, as well as characters like Captain Marvel who have yet to make the move to the big screen, AND many of these heroes’ respective villains. It’s going to be quite the party!

2) High Flying Heroes

falconTwo of my preschooler’s favorite heroes are Iron Man and Falcon, and in this show he will get to see both do what they do best — take to the sky in high-flying, high-speed action.

Marvel Universe LIVE has the largest and most sophisticated flying system of any live touring show, and I cannot wait to see his face when Falcon swoops overhead!

3) Stunts, Stunts, and More Stunts

captainamerica_motorcycleIn addition to the aerial stunts, Marvel Universe LIVE features incredible, up-close stunts by some of the best in the business, including car chases, motorcycles, and even people on fire. Yes, PEOPLE ON FIRE.

I can’t wait to hear my oldest try to figure out how they manage to pull all of this off. This will be a pretty big change from the last time my kids were in the Moda Center and watched college basketball.

4) Something New

lokiOne of my favorite things about this show is that it isn’t just rehashing the Marvel movies with live actors. Marvel Universe LIVE features a unique, authentic storyline all of its own that draws inspiration from both the beloved films and TV shows AND the comics where these characters were born.

I can’t wait! Can you tell?

Portland, OR Show Details

Marvel Universe LIVE runs in Portland, OR at the Moda Center (One Center Court, Portland Ore. 97227) from Thursday, March 3 – Sunday, March 6

  • Thursday, March 3 @ 7:00 PM
  • Friday, March 4 @ 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, March 5 @ 11:00 AM, 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM
  • Sunday, March 6@ 1:00 PM & 5:00 PM


Prices range from $25, $35, $50 (VIP) and $75 (Gold Circle)

Kids (ages 2-12) tickets available for only $15 each on select performances* 

Opening Night special discount tickets available for $20 for select seating**

Tickets are available for purchase online at, charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or visit the Moda Center Box Office.

For Group sales, please contact the Rose Quarter at 503-963-4400.

Tickets may be subject to service charges, facility and handling fees.

*kids discount only valid for Fri 7pm, Sat 7pm and Sun 5pm shows on select seating
**not valid for premium VIP/Gold Circle levels

Disclaimer: In exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog Feld Entertainment is provided me with complimentary tickets to the show. All opinions, however, are my own and those of my kids!

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Marvel Universe LIVE Is Coming to PDX!

Marvel Universe LIVE Is Coming to PDX!

My kids are huge fans of All Things Marvel. From the cartoons, to the comics, to the movies, they’re developing encyclopedic knowledge of the characters and storylines like nobody’s business.

SO when I found out that the new show Marvel Universe LIVE! is coming to Portland (check out the full schedule of cities here), I was ecstatic. We’re taking the kids, and they have no idea what’s in store.

Marvel Universe LIVE! is an original story that features the largest assembly of Marvel super heroes and villains ever, including Spider-Man, the Avengers, X-men, Loki, Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and more. There are slso car and motorcycle stunts, and even people on FIRE. Seriously!

There are 7 shows in Portland at the Moda Center between March 3 and March 6, with tickets ranging from $25 to $75. Kids can get $15 tickets for some performances. Looking for a great deal? There are also $20 discount tickets available for opening night!


Watch for more information and a review of the show soon!

Disclaimer: In exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my opinion within this blog Feld Entertainment is provided me with complimentary tickets to the show. All opinions, however, are my own and those of my kids!

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All My Son Wanted for His Birthday Was a Baby of His Own

All My Son Wanted for His Birthday Was a Baby of His Own

Other than a Ninjago cake and LEGOS, the thing my son wanted most for his birthday was a baby.

He’s been asking my wife and I a lot lately when our family is going to have another baby in it, and has been a little dismayed at our answer of “Um… not any time soon.” So instead, he asked if he could have a baby to take care of himself.

How could we say no?

Introducing baby Bruce Rogers Routly*.

All he wanted for his birthday was a baby of his own.

My son turned 5 this week, and (other than Ninjagos!) the thing he wanted most was a baby of his own. Here's the big moment when he got his wish. :-)—Music: Prelude No. 16 by Chris Zabriskie

Posted by The Full Routly on Saturday, January 23, 2016

I feel confident that Coltrane will make a fine dada someday. 🙂

* Yes, he’s named after the Hulk, Batman, and Captain America.

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Baking Dad: Ninjago Birthday Cake

Baking Dad: Ninjago Birthday Cake

The tradition continues!

In the months preceding my (now) 5-year-old son’s birthday, I frequently asked him what he wanted me to make for his special cake. For a long time the answer was “Monkey,” his favorite stuffed toy. Then he changed his mind, and decided he wanted all of the Avengers. When I asked him to narrow it down, he decided on Iron Man, before again changing his mind and saying he in fact wanted Monkey again, only Monkey who has turned into the Hulk… which lasted right up until a couple of weeks before the party when he scrapped everything and said he wanted a Ninjago cake — specifically of LLOYD, the Green Ninja.

Suffice to say, I took that and ran with it. Here’s the result!

Ninjago Birthday Cake

I could nitpick a lot about this in terms of how I saw it in my head and difficulties with sticky fondant and food-coloring, but altogether it turned out really well, I thought.

Thankfully, he and his friends loved it. That’s what matters. 🙂

Blowing out the candles on the Ninjago cak!

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My Mother’s Eggnog

My Mother’s Eggnog

Family traditions are funny things. We follow them for years, and often have no idea why.

Nothing hammers that home like getting married and having to navigate the combining of old traditions, even as you make traditions of your own with your partner and family. It often means taking a long look at the traditions you have, and why, and which are worth continuing. And no time of year has more tradition than Christmas.

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“The Daddy Doctrines” is now “The Full Routly!”

“The Daddy Doctrines” is now “The Full Routly!”

I’ve been thinking for some time about making a major change here on my site, and with Amazon finally acquiescing on the Amazon Mom thing, I thought it was time I too took the plunge into a name change.

Welcome to The Full Routly

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At last, Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family.

At last, Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family.

It’s finally happened! Joining the rest of the world in equality, the Amazon Mom program in the United States is now officially called Amazon Family, as it is in the rest of the world.

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A Red Car, Four Strapping Lads, and an Exploding Tire

A Red Car, Four Strapping Lads, and an Exploding Tire

Do you remember your first car? Of course you do. It’s one of those things you never forget, right?

I always hear about kids being given their first car as a gift, like these teens meeting this milestone in this new ad from Michelin USA

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#FitKitchen Tries Out for the Role of my Kitchen “Wingman”

#FitKitchen Tries Out for the Role of my Kitchen “Wingman”

If there’s one thing people know about me, it’s that along with being a dad, singing, and drawing, one of the things I love most is cooking. I write here and on my Facebook page often about the recipes I love, and the new foods I’ve discovered and want to try making at home. One of the “perks” of being an at-home dad is that I am responsible for most meals, which means I often get to cook the things that I want to cook for the family.

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