The Evolution of Dad

I’m really excited about this upcoming documentary on modern fatherhood called The Evolution of Dad, from filmmaker Dana Glazer.

It’s not even so much that the film features some fellow at-home dads and spends some time talking about the phenomenon, so I can “relate” — it’s that this film really seems to be exploring the very issues of involved fatherhood that are close to my heart and I find myself more and more passionate about all the time.

This is what the Evolution of Dad site says about the film:

What is an ‘Evolved Dad’ ?

He is a father who is as involved as possible in the upbringing of his children.

What is the project about ?

The Evolution of Dad is a thought-provoking documentary about what it means to be an involved, contemporary American father. Following the personal journey of filmmaker and dad, Dana H. Glazer, the film explores how fatherhood has evolved over time, what its impact has been on family and society; and lastly, how fatherhood will likely continue to evolve.

Check out the new trailer:

You can see more clips from it here.

Serious looks at modern fatherhood often gets pretty short shrift in the media, so it will be interesting to see what sort of response this gets.


  • I believe I would enjoy this film. I just wish that media would quit thowing monkeys to human beings down our throat. I do not believe God created me as a monkey first, and then had me evolve into a human. I believe I was created as a human. So, the picture frustrates me, but it looks like the film itself has a very solid, important message.


  • It seems unfortunate to me that you would include a blog like this in your category of “the media” that is throwing things down your throat. I thought the picture was a funny way to depict how our perceptions are changing. Now, we see dads as not only hunters and providers, but also as those who care for children. This seems like a fairly new perception, generation-wise.


    • Hadn’t thought of that perspective. Thanks for giving me a new way to think about it.

    • Oh, and to be clear, I wasn’t referring to the entire blog, just to the picture. I love the blog!

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