Book Review: 30 Things Future Dads Should Know About Pregnancy

30 Things Future Dads Should Know About Pregnancy

by Hogan Hilling

About the Book

How prepared do you feel about becoming a new dad? 30 Things Future Dads Should Know About Pregnancy provides a refreshing perspective on how a man can transform into a caring and devoted dad—without losing his masculinity. Included is practical, priceless advice and insight into your pregnant wife’s thoughts and behavior, helping you reach your full potential in one of the most important roles of your life. These 30 Things will teach you how to:

  • Bond with your pregnant wife and unborn child
  • Adjust your priorities while still having time for what you enjoy
  • Deal with your wife’s mood swings and sex issues
  • Ask for and accept help
  • Network with other dads, one of your greatest resources

About the Author

Hogan Hilling, a twenty-year veteran at-home dad, is author of The Modern Mom’s Guide to Dads: Ten Secrets Your Husband Won’t Tell You (Turner Publishing) and The Man Who Would Be Dad. He has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post and appeared on ABC’s The Story of Fathers and Sons and NBC’s The Other Half. Hilling founded Proud Dads, Inc. and is Board Member At-Large of Daddyshome, Inc. He and his wife have been married for 23 years and live in California. They have three sons.

My Take on the book

With my second son due to be born in just a few short months, this book came to me at the perfect time.

Actually, scratch that…

If I’d read it before the birth of my FIRST son I could have avoided plenty of stress and confusion, and been a better expectant father; more supportive of my wife where and when she needed it, and more prepared to voice both my worries and my opinions. I like to think that I did pretty well regardless, but when it comes to being a husband and a father I hope someone out there will hit me in the head with a rusty shovel if I ever claim to have no need to improve.

Now that we have Baby Boy #2 on the way, though, it can sometimes be easy to expect that THIS time, as a Veteran Father, the whole pregnancy/delivery/oh-god-we-have-a-newborn thing won’t be a big deal. Been there, done that, right?

But I try not to kid myself. It IS a big deal. It’s different, absolutely. I’d say it’s marginally less scary for me, personally, at this moment. But all of the same issues that every expectant father must face still exist, and 30 Things Future Dads Should Know About Pregnancy was a fantastic reminder of all the ways I can step up to be an involved dad all the way through this period in our marriage and family history.

Hilling really hits the nail on the head in addressing several subjects that were and are vital for future dads to wrap their heads around, including everything from how to effectively support your wife, to how to navigate in a medical system where it can be hard to make your voice heard. His advice and insight reads like nuggets of wisdom from someone who has walked in your shoes before, because he has.

There are hundreds of books about pregnancy written for and to expectant mothers, but so few that really give more than a little bit of lip-service to the questions, concerns, and needs of dads-to-be. Hogan Hilling is really filling a need here, and I would highly recommend this to any dad out there with a baby on the way. I think every expectant dad would gain from having another dad to mentor them, but this sort of book might be the next best thing.

Extra: A video on YouTube of author Hogan Hilling’s appearance on Oprah and “The Story of Fathers and Sons” Documentary. Here is a description and the link:

A genuinely moving story of a father’s heartwarming relationship with his disabled son, Wesley. In this video the father recites a poem he wrote for his son titled, “Instead.”

This video clip was part of a award winning one hour primetime ABC and later PBS broadcast documentary titled, “The Story of Fathers and Sons.” It has been referred to as one of the most emotional and honest documentary depictions of the male experience ever put to film. For better or for worse, the father-son relationship is at the core of who we are, as this film fully reveals. Based on interviews with over 600 American men and boys, the film shows the diversity yet the universality of the father-son bond. Sprinkled with celebrities, Shaquille O’Neal, Edward James Olmos, Zachary Ty Bryan, the film finds its heart in the real experience of real people.

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