Dear Baby: Week 38

Dear Baby: Week 38

Dear Boo,

Happy New Year, baby!

You may have noticed a big change to your routine today, because even though the Christmas holidays are now over, Mama didn’t get up and go to work today. That’s because we’re so close to the day you arrive that Mama’s doctors told her it’s time to stop working and just rest until you are ready to make your appearance.

Tucker and Dada love having you two here with us at home all day. We’re trying our best to help take good care of you both.

This week you’ve grown to the length of a leek, which is a long vegetable with a mild onion-like taste. Some people say it’s like an onion crossed with a cucumber, and it is used a lot in soups and salads. Your Grandma really likes leeks! 🙂



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