Dear Baby: Week 39

Dear Baby: Week 39

Dear Boo,

Today is a very big day for us, because today’s the day that Grandma arrives for a long visit.

Did you know that she’s coming especially because of you? It’s true! She’s so excited to meet you that she came early, just in case you did too. She’ll be helping out so that when you’re born Mama and Dada can spend as much time as possible with you while she watches Tucker. Grandma is Mama’s very own mama, and we’re very lucky to have her come.

This week you’ve grown so much you now weigh about as much as a small watermelon. Yes, another melon, I know. But watermelons are so great, I’m sure you won’t mind being compared to one once you’ve had one. Watermelons are one of those fruits that you especially have during the summer on picnics and at outdoor¬†barbecues. Your big brother LOVES watermelon, even though he does end up all messy and sticky by the time he’s done. You will too.

Only a few more days now until you arrive, we hope!



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