Dear Baby: Week 40

Dear Baby: Week 40

Dear Boo,

Today is your “due date,” the day when you are officially 40 Weeks along and are expected to arrive at any time now.

That doesn’t mean you will be born today, of course. Many babies come in the days before or after their due date — Tucker actually came one day early — so don’t you worry about it. I’m sure you’ll know when you’re ready, and we will all be waiting patiently.

Mama and Dada are so, so excited to meet you, Boo. You already hold a special place in our family, that is all your own. We are so happy that we get to be your parents, and are thrilled to be able to spend many, many years together getting to know you better and better every day.

We promise to be the best Mama and Dada for you that we possibly can. We love you more than you will really understand until the day you too become a Dada. Our love for you will never fail, andwill  never fade. It will only get stronger and stronger, every day.

You’re now the size of a small pumpkin. For Mama’s sake, I hope we get to meet you soon. 😉



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