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I swear, I didn’t send this

I swear, I didn’t send this

One of My wife’s co-workers saw this in the Letters-to-the-Editor section of the paper a few days after the article about me was run on Father’s Day.

Despite all the talk with the actual reporter about “Don’t call me Mr. Mom,” I guess some editor decided to use the phrase anyhow to title a sidebar graphic about the increase of at-home dads recently.

It didn’t appear in the online version, apparently. And I didn’t get to see a print copy until a few days later, since we were out of town when it came out. But Anna and I enjoyed a nice eye-roll together when we saw it.

Which, of course, only made it appropriate that we shared an awesome high-five at “The Routly family is one step ahead of the game.”

Anyhow, nice to know I have another local supporter.

Here’s how it appeared in print:

Me with my hand on my son’s rear end.

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Interviewed by the local paper!

Interviewed by the local paper!

Last week I was contacted by a reporter from the Morning Call, the daily newspaper of the Lehigh Valley, PA, where I live. He was writing an article on stay-at-home dads for Father’s Day and wanted to ask me some questions.

We found some time to get together at a local park, so he could ask me about what I do, the highs and the lows, and thoughts on the importance of Father’s Day, while I played with my boys and a Morning Call photographer took photos and video. It was great talking to them, and the boys were suitably cute.

Anyhow, the piece came out yesterday. Give it a read!

(The only error I really see is that it says we moved to PA from Bellingham, WA rather than Redmond, WA. But that’s pretty minor.)

There is also a nifty video they put together about me:

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