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Life of Ronnie – Volume 1 now available!

Life of Ronnie – Volume 1 now available!

As most of my readers know, in addition to this blog I also am a cartoonist, and though it is on hiatus right now I have a semi-autobiographical comic strip called Life of Ronnie.

Well, I’m incredibly proud to announce that I’ve just published my collection, Life of Ronnie – Volume 1: Making It Up As I Go Along!

This book is 148 pages and contains about 270 strips. It’s a great read, if I do say so myself!

If you like Life of Ronnie, I’d love your support for making more, which you might say would be greatly influenced by how many of these I can sell. If only there was a terrific gift-giving occasion coming up…


Buy the book by December 14th and use the coupon code BUYMYBOOK305 and save 25% off of your purchase! Wow! ūüôā

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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8 Things My Toddler Learned From Me

Last week Babble had an article on 8 Ways Moms Are Just Like Their Toddlers, and I thought it deserved a friendly response, with a bit of a twist.

It’s not so much that I am like my toddler, but he sure is turning out a lot like me…

8 Things My Toddler Learned From Me: 1. You Can Get a LOT of Reading Done On the Potty; 2. Snow is AWESOME; 3. ALWAYS be Singing (If You Don't Know the Words, Make Some Up); 4. ANYTHING Can Be a DRUM; 5. Real Men Cook FEARLESSLY; 6. EVERYTHING Is Better With Cheese; 7. Mama LOVES Cuddles; 8. Pants Are OPTIONAL (Usually)

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(More) Conversations with Little People

(More) Conversations with Little People

Help Desk

‚ÄéTuck: Dada, I watch Diego on computer please?
Me: Sorry, bud, it won’t play. Our internet isn’t working.
Tuck: You try unplug and in again?


Tuck: Dada, Baby Cole woke up! I go see him now?
Me: Yes, Tuck, we can go in and get him.
Tuck: That’s a GREAT idea, Dada! He’s my BEST baby brother!


Tuck: [calling] Daaaadaaaaa! I made a proooooobleeeeeem!


Me: Tuck, what should I dress up as for Halloween?
Tuck: A baby! You dress like Baby Cole!
Me: Haha. Alrighty then. What should Cole dress like?
Tuck: Like Dada! Hee-hee!
Me: Somehow I knew you’d say that. What about Mama? What should she dress like?
Tuck: The KITCHEN!


Me: Would you like some more cauliflower?
Tuck: I don’ like cowy flah-wah.
Me: What are you talking about? You ate three servings last night and just ate more for dinner. You love this stuff, silly.
Tuck: Noooo! I don’ like it.
Me: Ah, you’re just saying that to be contrary, aren’t you?
Tuck: ???
Anna: Tucker, ‘being contrary’ means you’re saying the opposite of what the person wants you to say. When someone asks you that the correct answer is to say ‘NOOOO‘ as sarcastically as you can. Are you just being contrary?
Tuck: . . . Yes. ^_^

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The Case for Comics

The Case for Comics

As another Halloween comes and goes, my Facebook feed has been inundated with photos by proud parents of their adorable kids all dressed up in their costumes. And it struck me this year how very many of them were dressed up like comic book superheroes.

Batman. Wolverine. Spider-Man. Captain America. Wonder Woman. The big league heroes from DC and Marvel were well represented, and even allowing for geek-parent influence in costume choice, it does this geek-parent’s heart good to see so many kids who love these characters.

It really got me thinking about the fact that most of these kids don’t actually know and love the characters from reading comics, but rather from their appearances in other areas of entertainment such as movies, tv shows, video games and toys.¬†Not that there is anything wrong with those things, inherently. I like them too. But to me there is something sad about a kid who loves Spider-Man or Batman or Wolverine — so¬†much that he wants to dress like him on the one night he can dress like anything¬†— not getting to actually read about this character they love, in the medium that gave him life.

What it seems like to me, to be honest, is a missed opportunity.

How many parents don’t jump at the chance to get their kids reading more, when their new favorite movie is based on a book?¬†For any of their faults as books or films, the Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia movies, for example, have all directed kids right to their source material and encouraged them to read. That resulted, happily, in many, many kids learning to love¬†reading.

So why do we usually try to satisfy our kids’ desire for more Spider-Man or Batman by getting them toys, games, or DVDs, rather than comics?

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