(Even More) Conversations with Little People

(Even More) Conversations with Little People


Tuck: “Dada, can we play on your Kindle now?”
Me: “Not right now, buddy. Maybe while Coltrane is napping, okay?”
Tuck: “I love playing on your Kindle!”
Me: “I know! Sometimes I think you only love me because I have a Kindle. Is there anything you like about Dada other than that I have a Kindle?”
Tuck: “I like your shorts.”


Me: “Tuck, I need you to get your boots. And can you please get me Cole’s shoes from the shoe shelf?”
Tuck: “Dada, I only have so many hands.”

B is for . . .

Tuck: “Dada, can I play a Mickey game on the computer?”
Me: “Actually, there’s something else we need to do tonight first.”
Tuck: “What?”
Me: “Let’s see if you can guess, Tuck. It’s something really fun, and it starts with a B.”
Tuck: “What is it?!”
Me: “You need to guess! What do you really like to get before bed and starts with a B sound? B says ‘buh’… ‘buh’…”
Tuck: “Buh buh buh…”
Me: “You love it when Mama or Dada give you a… buh… buh…”
Tuck: “BEAVER!”


Tuck: “What sound was it?”
Anna: “What? What sound?”
Tuck: “Yes. What was the sound?”
Anna: “I don’t understand what you mean. What sound?”
Tuck: “What sound was it in the car?”
Anna: “WHAT sound? I don’t know! You asked me!”
Tuck: “I mean why was there a sound? Of died.”
Me: “A sound of DYING?”
Tuck: “Yes. Why did Dada say there was the sound of dying?”
Me: “Oh. I think I know what he’s asking…”

Me: [Checking Facebook on my phone in the car] “Huh. It sounds like Whitney Houston died. :-\”

All By Myself

Me: “What? What!” *running*
Tuck: “Dada I’m going poop on the potty really good all by myself!”
Me: “Yay! Great job, Tucker!”
Tuck: “I didn’t even have to use the potty seat on the big potty, but I didn’t fall in!”
Me: “Wow. I’m so proud of you. What a big boy you are!”
Tuck: “Sure am! This means I don’t have to wear underwear now.”
Me: “Uh…”


Tuck: “Dada, what’s brains?”
Me: “Brains are the part of you inside your head. Your brain helps you think about things, come up with great ideas, and it tells your body what to do all the time. Isn’t that neat?”
Tuck: “Like Monkey has brains?”
Me: “Yes, Monkey has brains. They are right here inside his head. And does Tucker have brains?”
Tuck: “Yes, they’re in my head too!”
Me: “That’s right. Does Dada have brains?”
Tuck: “Well, no.”
Me: “Ouch.”
Tuck: “But Mama has brains!”
Me: “Well, yes. Yes she does. She has a really big brain. But, Dada has brains too, right?”
Tuck: “Actually, no. But Baby Cole has brains!”


  • I love your stuff-just letting you know!


  • Nice! My daughter is 2.5 now, so I’m starting to get many of the same conversations.


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