Top 10 Things I Learned as an Accidental Activist

Top 10 Things I Learned as an Accidental Activist

No one makes change on their own, but small voices together can make big changes.


A clever graphic can explain and spread an idea faster than a hundred well thought out blog posts.


A petition’s worthy cause isn’t newsworthy, but a petition actually working? Oh yes.


Dads’ voices matter, and more and more people and corporations are recognizing that.


Sometimes recognizing good intentions and maintaining respectful dialogue gets better results than demonizing.


More men than you would think are not just unoffended by dumb-dad stereotypes, but invested in them continuing. Mostly to get out of diaper duty.


The greatest advocates that dads can have is moms. Until moms demand better of advertising in how they portray dads, it won’t really change.


The most reluctant to give up their stereotype about dads is . . . also moms. Some seem more interested in protecting the freedom to mock their husbands’ parenting abilities than in helping their husband be a more able, involved parent.


No, seriously, there are actually people out there in the world who are so loyal to their brand of diapers that they will send you hate mail for daring to make a complaint about them. Whodathunkit?


I have a thicker skin than I thought.

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