Toddler Speak I’m Going to Miss

Toddler Speak I’m Going to Miss

Every day it seems like my toddler becomes more loquacious, which is a fancy-schmancy way of saying he dun talk reel gud.

Well, better than the day before, at least.

There are still some struggles. The letter “k” is something he seems to have personally taken a point in working on a lot recently. (Which is good, because when you can’t do the “k” sound very well and you try to tell someone your name is “Tucker,” everyone just ends up thinking that your parents were really big fans of Herv√© Villechaize’s Fantasy Island character.)

Anyhow, I’ve been thinking lately of how much I am actually going to miss some of the adorable mispronunciations and general toddler-speak that I am so accustomed to now. Sure, I take great pride in how clearly my little boy can talk and love that it’s increasingly easier to actually have great conversations with him. But dang, toddler-speak can be cute.

A few of my favorites (see if you can figure them all out):

Tattoo. Old McDonald.
Restyawnt. Pwease. Balloom.
Baff-time. Doot-Doots.
Noo-dohs. Killy.

What things does (or did) your toddler say that you are going to (or already) miss?


  • Mine is going to be how my son says, “Daddy, I want to hold you” when he wants to be picked up.


  • I know it’s a cliche, but I think it’s adorable when he says “O-tay!!”


  • When Tony was small he’d call Sesame Street ‘Sa-Sa-Sa’ and bananas a ‘beela-beela’. Jon didn’t have as many mis-speaks. Probably because Tony was almost 5 years older.


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