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Ann Romney, Dads Parent Too.

Ann Romney, Dads Parent Too.

At Tuesday’s Republican National Convention, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s wife Ann gave one of the big speeches of the night. Her goal (or assigned campaign job, depending on how cynical you are) was to connect with female voters, a group that has increasingly been feeling disconnected from the GOP recently.

She did this, in part, by lauding moms. A worthy goal, to be sure! Moms are, in fact, amazing.

However, unfortunately, she chose to do so by basically dismissing dads as having a secondary role in parenting.

She called deep love for children something “only a mother can fathom” and painted a confused picture where “the moms of this nation … really hold this country together” and “have to work a little harder” by virtue of doing things that millions of dads do every day too. Her examples included: Laying awake at night worrying about the family. Helping with homework. Knowing the way to the emergency room. Becoming wistful about the passage of time when you see your child graduate.

You know, all the stuff only moms do.

As you can expect, lots of people found this to be a rather out-of-touch perception of modern parenting.

Rather than write much more about this, I thought I’d instead share a few articles from around the web that I’ve read today that make the case better than I ever could why what Ann said, didn’t say, and could have said, actually matter. I’ll add more as I find them…

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Conversations with Little People: Super Tucker

Super Tucker

Dada, I need my Super Tucker cape, so I can be Super Tucker. And I need your phone.

My . . . phone? Why?

I need to change into Super Tucker in the phone! Like Superman!

Oh. Haha! Here, you hold my phone above your head . . . yeah, like that . . . and I’ll tie on your cape . . . There you go.

Thank you. Now I need something really heavy to pick up and throw. To show I’m Super Strong.

Um . . . Well. Hmm. I don’t want you breaking anything, or hurting Coltrane.

Super Tucker is Super Careful, Dada.

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5 Great Things About My Oldest Son (That He Gets From My Wife)

5 Great Things About My Oldest Son (That He Gets From My Wife)

I hear from people all the time about how much my boys are like me. How they look like me, act like me, um…. smell like me?

You get the idea. One has my dimples, sings nonsense songs, and loves to make people laugh. One has the light blond hair of my childhood, and addiction to carbs, and loves monkey references.

I hear it a lot. And it’s no surprise, of course. They spend a lot of time with me, so clearly they’re going to pick up on a lot of my mannerisms and phrases and such.

What most people don’t get to see though is how much they take after their mom too. Especially as our oldest son Tucker get older (he’s almost 4), it becomes clearer and clearer to me. I’d like to share just a few things that I have noticed and appreciate my wife Anna for passing on to him…

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Why Amazon Mom? Why not Amazon Family?

Why Amazon Mom? Why not Amazon Family?

A few years ago now, revealed a new membership program they call “Amazon Mom,” and I signed up almost immediately.

Over the years, I’ve felt guilty about it.

Now, I love the program for our household, as do many, many others. I love that I can subscribe to diapers and wipes and get them delivered to our door regularly, at a price that meets or even beats those from the local big-box stores.

“But wait!” you say, “You’re a dad, not a mom! Don’t you mean that your wife is part of the program?”

Well, no. I am. Me. The parent with the penis.

It’s not like I need to be a “mom” to join, anyhow. According to Amazon, the program is “aimed at helping parents and caregivers in the prenatal through toddler years use Amazon to find and save on all the products their family needs.”  Nothing there about being for moms only, right?

So why do they call it Amazon Mom, if the program is for more than just moms, you ask?

Well, you’re not alone in wondering, and many people feel like it’s time for a change.

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What I Did On Our Summer Vacation

What I Did On Our Summer Vacation

I woke up early.

I went to bed early.

I slept in late.

I stayed up late.

I watched most of an awful in-flight movie, with no sound, and don’t think I missed any significant plot points (in fact, even with no sound most of it was way predictable based only on the plot synopses from the in-flight magazine).

I visited with many old friends, and met wonderful new ones.

I gave away children’s books, and homemade pepper jelly.

I got to know my family better.

I went to two different wonderful churches on a single Sunday morning, purposefully and with great joy. That’s just how we Routlys roll while on vacation, I guess…

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Wordless Wedesday: Raaaaaaar!

Wordless Wednesday: Raaaaaaar!

(Pardon the lack of recent posts. Enjoying a wonderful family vacation on the west coast!)

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Missives from an Alternate Reality: The Chick-fil-A Uproar

Missives from an Alternate Reality: The Chick-fil-A Uproar

Editor’s Note:The following article was delivered to me on a flash-drive yesterday by a completely hairless man dressed all in silver. He claimed to be a “Traveler” from an alternate parody dimension, where my blog is mostly about raising organic turtles. His breath smelled like pickles (sweet, not dill). I have chosen to publish it here purely for historical purposes.

Chick-fil-A restaurants across the county experienced long lines yesterday, as thousands of supporters took part in “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,” organized by former presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee to counter the widespread boycott of the franchise currently under way.

The controversy over actually Chick-fil-A goes back several years, with the slow-food chain being accused of financially supporting several organizations who are active in trying to pressure Congress to pass “gluttony legislation,” and fight what they see as an encroaching national acceptance of food enjoyment as an acceptable “alternative lifestyle.”

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