Summer Fun from A to Z

Summer Fun from A to Z

My friend Amy Cheng is the exceptionally creative mother to some of the most adorable boys ever, Noah, Ollie, and the youngest, Simon.

This summer she and her husband Joe embarked on massive family project to fill their summer with fun activities from A to Z.

She’s been sharing photos on Facebook as she goes along (Amy is also a fabulous photographer — check out her work here) and it’s been amazing to watch the fun and creative things they have done.

Some days took on multiple themes (‘M’ including a swim meet and some delicious grilled meats for dinner, for example). Some days seem wonderfully serene (the photo below for ‘R for Read Day’ might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen not featuring my own kids) while others are simply ingenious (‘X is for X-Marks-the-Spot Day’ looks like it was the funnest day ever).

I got the chance to ask Amy a few questions about the project. But first, check out this summer of fun with the Cheng family!

Summer Fun from A to Z

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All photos courtesy of and copyright Amy Cheng.

What a fantastic idea, huh?

So Amy, where did you get the idea to do this?

A few of my FB friends posted their “Summer Fun” lists and I liked that they set some sort of goals for the summer. Last summer, I kept saying we had plenty of time to do stuff, then time ran out and it was over before I knew it. 🙁

We did nothing. So, I was determined to change that this summer. It really does go by quickly. Noah was the one who had the idea to alphabetize it. I think that actually worked out much better because we were able to have some low-key days and not just all high-energy crazy fun days. 🙂

Did the boys have favorite days?

Noah’s favorite day was K is for Kai Day, which is the red ninja from Ninjago. All I did was buy a $15 Lego Ninjago set and he was entertained all day. (He also liked J is for Jay Day for the same reason. (Jay is the blue ninja)) 🙂

Ollie’s favorite day was P is for Picnic Day because we had a picnic (he loves to be outside), and also Q is for Quiet Quarter Day because we went to the library and got to get something from the vending machine (he’s like me and is addicted to candy).

How about you? Which one did you enjoy the most?

My favorite day was probably D is for Dance Day. We were getting the carpet cleaned so the timing was perfect. The kids had plenty of room to dance their little hearts out. It was also nice to just stay at home all day and hang out. The close second was H is for Hike Day, just because it got us to do something that we would otherwise NEVER do. hahaha. It wasn’t my favorite though, cause everyone was grumpy afterwards, except for me and Ollie. ha.

Where any of them particularly difficult to pull off?

The hardest activity for some strange reason was P is for Picnic Day. We were hung up on that day for about a week. Between the kids activities (swimming & gymnastics) and Simon’s naptime, there were multiple days in a row where I missed my window to get a picnic ready and out the door. What’s weird is that once we had the official Picnic Day, we had MANY picnics after that. Ha.

How in the world will you top this next summer!?

I’m not planning to TOP it. I’m not a fan of setting myself up for failure. haha. I honestly wonder if they’ll be into it next summer or if they will have “grown” out of it. 🙁 I hope they’ll want to do it, but I’m going to leave it up to them. They were the ones that came up with each day, so they basically designed their own summer, which is cool. If we do it next summer, I’m guessing that all the days will be different and it will be interesting to see how creative they can get. 🙂

A huge thanks to Amy for letting me share these. I think I need to start planning next summer now

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