Conversations with Little People: Ceiling

Dada, can we talk about our day?

Okay. Well, this morning, we went to the store looking for something. Do you remember what it was?

No no no, that’s not what we did.

We didn’t?

No, we went on a rocket ship to the moon!

We did?!

Yes, and we met a robot. And he had four faces. One of them was happy and one was sad and one was angry and one was scared.


And then we had pizza for lunch, but the robot said “I don’t like pizza!” so we gave him a bird, but he said “I don’t like birds–“

Wait, birds? To eat?

Yes. And then we gave him, uh… ceiling. And he liked ceiling.



To eat.


Okay. THEN what happened?

Well, then we came home from space back to earth. And had nap-time.

That sounds nice.

But when I woke up from nap-time THERE WAS A SURPRISE PARTY!

WOW! Who was the surprise party for?

Um… the ceiling.

Again with the ceiling?



  • I assume you went to the store to buy a ceiling?


    • Nope, we went to buy little paint brushes!

      When Tucker is making something up (a song, a story, whatever) he often starts referencing the things he sees around him. In this case it was a conversation at bedtime, so he was laying there staring up at the ceiling, and it entered the story. When we’re out for a drive street signs, power lines, and trees get a lot of mention.

  • What is with the Space Robot with four faces… have you been reading him the apocalyptic portions of Daniel again?


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