Name My New Xtracycle Cargo Bike!

Name My New Xtracycle Cargo Bike!

I came home from the Dad 2.0 Summit (more on that soon!) to this wonderful surprise waiting for me.

Recently, my wife and I made the decision that we we’re going to get ourselves bikes. For exercise, for fun, for adventures with the boys, for general Portland street-cred, it felt like a great idea.

Since I’m home with the boys all the time, and often our outings include errands like groceries and picking up random things, I knew that we needed to plan for at least me being able to go out biking with both the boys and some cargo in tow. After a lot of research, I decided I wanted to go with some sort of Xtracycle setup.

We went to a wonderful little shop called Bike Commuter that came highly recommended (with good reason) and man, did they set us up nicely.

Just took it out on it’s inaugural trip with the boys, and wow, what fun! I am sore and sweaty and still fat. But it’s a start!

Now here’s the most important question: What do I call my new ride?

I decided this is worthy of a real, honest to goodness contest. I don’t have a bike to give away, but whoever suggests the winning name (as chosen by myself in consultation with my 4 and 2 year old boys) wins a signed copy of any one of my children’s books.

To enter, either Facebook comment below with your suggestion included, or tweet the following (with your name suggestion in there, of course):

@ChrisRoutly I think you should #namethebike [NAME HERE]!


  • TheBus (It’s yellow, it hauls kids.)
    Meat Wagon
    Hippy/Hipster Wagon (tee hee)

    We recently got a new Electra cruiser and a “Bobike” seat/rack (European style kid seat). TheBoy loves it. Looking forward to warmer weather when we can start our daily commute with it.


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