Can #SuperMilkMan stop the evil Robot from DESTROYING ALL BREAKFASTS?

Can #SuperMilkMan stop the evil Robot from DESTROYING ALL BREAKFASTS?

As I mentioned, I’m an official entrant into the #SuperMilkMan Contest, put on by my friends at Life of Dad and the Breakfast Project campaign. I’m competing to win a chance to meet The Rock!

The assignment was simple: make a quick, fun Instagram video that tells the story of how milk with breakfast turns me into #SuperMilkMan! With the help of my lovely wife, we put together this fun little micro-film, co-starring my charming boys and a recently constructed Mega Bloks Skylanders robot (who frankly owes more than a little from his performance to the legendary Daleks), with a supporting role by some delicious brioche french toast, and featuring a cool glass of milk.

I’ll be honest, this was a ton of fun, but proved to be way more of a challenge than expected. It’s amazing how quickly the maximum 9-10 seconds an Instagram video allows fills up!

What do you think? Should we continue the story into Part 2, to see if #SuperMilkMan can stop the evil Robot from destroying all breakfasts?

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Disclaimer: I am being compensated by Life of Dad, LLC for my participation as an Official Entrant in, and promotion of, the #SuperMilkMan Contest. Seriously, they are paying me to compete to meet The Rock. Awesome? Awesome.

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