Circle Time: A Story About Parents as Partners

Circle Time: A Story About Parents as Partners

I shared this earlier, in a private group online, but the feeling was that it’s too good to not share with everyone. So, here it is (slightly edited). Of course moms totally deserve a day to be celebrated, but it is nice to see that most of these kids clearly have such active and involved dads. It’s really encouraging that they are growing up in a world where they see mom and dad as equally valuable parenting partners. Also, it was pretty cute, and hilarious sitting there watching the teacher’s face.

I was parent-helper this morning at preschool, and with Mother’s Day coming up their “Circle Time” was, of course, themed all about moms, mommies, and mamas. Teacher Annie (not her real name) read a few books about moms, they discussed the upcoming “Muffins with Moms” event, and then the kids were asked to share some of their favorite things that their moms do for them. The idea was to get them thinking about what sort of things they might want to write in the Mother’s Day cards they will make (shhh, it’s a surprise!).

When not a lot of hands shot up, Annie offered a few nice suggestions to get them thinking. Things like: “Who brings you to school? Who makes your lunch? Who reads with you? Who gives you lots of great big hugs?”

“My mom does…” said one kid. “And so does my dad!”

“My mom and dad too!” said another.

“My dad usually does all of that the most.” said a third, daughter of a fellow stay-at-home dad. I silently fist-bump him in my mind.

“Yes, moms and dads both do so much for us, don’t they?” Annie pointed out, and soon all the kids started chattering about their wonderful moms and dads, wistfully recounting how both of their parents are so awesome and do so many things for them.

“Okay,” said Teacher Annie, when they had quieted down again, “Since today we’re talking about moms, does anyone have something special their mom does that they’d like to share?”

One little girl raised her hand, and Teacher Annie called on her.

“The special thing that I like best… is when my dad lifts me up and I can touch the high branch on our tree!”

Another hand goes up.

“Damien, what would you like to share?”

“My daddy helped me make a robot costume!”

Another goes up.

“I see that hand Pepper. Do you have something to share too?”

“Yeah! My dad took me for ice cream!”

Annie takes a breath. “Those are all wonderful,” she says patiently, “but remember, we’re talking about Mother’s Day that is coming up. Does anyone have something special to share about their mom? Anyone?”

A hand is raised. “Yes, Paige, you have something to share about your mom?

“Yes. She makes really yummy birthday cakes!”

“Oh! Well, that sounds gr–”

“…but my dad makes pancakes! They are my favorite!”  Paige beams.

My daddy makes pancakes too, with blueberries!” shouts out Oliver.

“My daddy is so strong he can hold me upside down and put my feet on the ceiling!” proclaims Holly.

“Never mind,” said Teacher Annie. “Let’s go outside.”

It was a pretty fun morning for me. 🙂

Note: All names and a few minor details changed to protect privacy of the kids, and recounted to the best of my memory.

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