The #WorldsToughestJob is Unscripted

We’re sitting down to dinner as a family, and my fork, full of food, is making its way into my mouth, when my son decides it’s a good time to ask the question no parent is really ready for:

“Dada, but HOW does the baby get into the Mama’s tummy?”

I try not to choke. I raise my finger in the universal signal of “Uh… give me a moment, please” and I chew, slowly, while my brain goes into overdrive.

There is no script for parenting moments like these.

I wish I could relay for you my answer, but I honestly have no idea what exactly I said, now. I’m sure there were analogies about planting a seed, made from part of me and part of Mama. I also know that my wife and I are fairly secure in our desire not to make basic biological functions a completely taboo subject (the dinner table not being the ideal place, true) and not to cutesy up things with nicknames, so though I’m sure I was careful with my words and explanation I’m also sure it blew his mind. And whatever my answer, it undoubtedly served as a springboard for more questions.

Our son loves learning. It’s something he likely gets from both of my wife and me, and something I am always grateful to my dad for passing on to me. I remember him often discussing the love of learning, encouraging us to think critically, and his belief that college is more about learning how to learn than checking off a credit list to get a piece of paper that means you can do a certain job.

Each year as Father’s Day rolls around, and I get to thinking about my dad, there are a lot of things about him that I am thankful for. His wit, his humor, his faith, his choice of my mom as his wife. But more than anything, I appreciate how he encouraged us to be creative and critical in our thinking, even if it sometimes meant heated debates around the dinner table about seemingly meaningless things. He was always willing to challenge our thinking, to play devil’s advocate, to encourage us to do better. I hope I can pass on those things to my own boys.

You may remember a few months ago Cardstore came out with a Mother’s Day campaign, which included a video that went viral, all about the #WorldsToughestJob.  I will admit that I was one of many who felt like it needlessly made mothers into martyrs, and ignored that dads do all of the same things too.

I’m happy to say though that Cardstore was very receptive to the feedback they received, particularly in regards to recognition of dads as holders of the very same “#WorldsToughestJob.”  They recently released this awesome new video in time for Father’s Day, where they held a fake audition for the real life role of “Dad” and filmed it, showcasing “there is no script for being a dad.”

Check it out:

Nice, eh? *sniff*

Of course, beyond being a sweet reminder that being a dad is a hard job, and the dad in your life deserves a standing ovation, it’s also an ad for Cardstore. I knew that Cardstore is a service of American Greetings, but I was curious what made Cardstore different than just picking up a card at the store. Can it actually help me avoid standing beside a rack of cards, trying to keep my boys from grabbing them all, while I read and read and search and search for the Perfect Card to send my dad?

As it turns out… yes. And even better, it lets me make the Perfect Card by customizing it myself.

I enlisted my boys to join me in creating a card to send to my dad, their Papa, and give Cardstore a try.


First we scanned through their numerous cards, which can be searched according to what you are looking for thematically (sweet, funny, religious, etc.) as well as by what customizations you would like (a photos, custom text, etc.). It took a while, but finally the boys settled on one that reminded them of Papa, and how he loves leaning back and napping in his La-Z-Boy recliner. Ha!


Then it was a simple matter of customizing the front to make it for Papa…


And the interior, adding some photos (that I let the boys choose and caption), a personalized message, and our names…


…and the card was ready to order! They’ll custom print it, and ship it right to my dad. Super easy to do, too.


Because Cardstore wanted us dads to share their service with you, I’ve even got a coupon code you can use to send a card to your dad for only $2.49. The code is: CCG4527.

If you want to give it a try, orders need to be made by Monday, June 9th in order to make it to dad in time for Father’s Day!

Cardstore is also inviting consumers to participate in the conversation about dads leading up to this Father’s Day by tweeting unscripted dad moments and telling them why the dad in your life “deserves a standing ovation” using the hashtag #WorldsToughestJob.

Every hashtagged card, tweet and post about dad will be tallied up by their “Dadmiration Tracker” (on the right).

Disclosure: I partnered with Cardstore from American Greetings and Life of Dad, LLC for the #WorldsToughestJob Dad Casting Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement.

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