This is the #PowerofDad

This is the #PowerofDad

From even before the time my boys were old enough to start brushing their teeth, we’ve had a little routine around our house about how we get it done before bed.

And like most things around here, it relies on a fun and memorable song. My wife and I being who we are, we even throw in some harmonies:

(Note: we usually sing it a lot slower than that… but Instagram only gives us 15 seconds, dadburnit! Also the boys are normally way better at, y’know, actually brushing their teeth than it appears, but were far too busy hamming it up during this take. Let’s chalk it up to creative licence, shall we?)

“The Toothbrush Family Song” is an extremely strong link to my own childhood, as it is based on what I sang along to watching old animated interstitials that played in between my favorite cartoons. In them, the titular Toothbrush family were joined by their sink-dwelling friends like Cecily Comb, Susie Sponge, Flash Flouride (the toothpaste) and, of course, the coolest of them all, Hot Rod Harry, the electric toothbrush. They would come to life by the light of the moon, have some sort of brief wacky adventure, and then wrap things up by singing about how to brush your teeth, round and round…

Speaking of electric toothbrushes!

My friends at Oral-B have a new commercial out for Father’s Day in conjunction with their #PowerofDad campaign. You may remember I’ve written about it before. They’d really like to capture magical capacity kids have for making us dads smile. They know I have a tendency to call out ads that make mockery of dads, but also love sharing the ones that get it really right with you, so take a look and let me know if you agree that they knocked it out of the park again:


I think what I really love about this is that it really captures the pure delight that comes with embracing fatherhood and time with your kids. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing — reading together under a fort of blankets and pillow, having a water fight, carrying your sleeping child to bed, giving your kid the tickle attack of his life, doing laundry, or making breakfast together.

Sure, being a dad can be tiring. It can be frustrating. It can be stressful. But nothing makes me smile more than the little moments with my kid. Nothing.

I really appreciate that for Oral-B this isn’t just a one-off commercial in hopes to grab some good vibes from dads, but that they have gone all our. This is the second year of this Father’s Day program, and they are again partnered with March of Dimes, a leading organization for healthy, happy families that celebrates mothers and fathers every day. They’re also joining forces with New York Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, his father Archie, and his daughter Ava – to celebrate fatherhood’s little moments. They are really invested in the #PowerofDad.

I haven’t had a good electric toothbrush in ages. I’m the guy who gets a free toothbrush from the dentist and then uses it until it’s so worn out it looks like I’ve been using it to scrub grout.

Lucky for me, my teeth cleaning regimen just got an upgrade thanks to Oral-B, who gave me an early Father’s Day present in asking me to try out their new, top-of-the-line Oral-B Black 7000.

Let me tell you, this thing is amazing. Not only is it extremely powerful (the box says “8,800 oscillations per minute and 40,000 pulsations per minute” but all I know is it feels like they have somehow harnessed the Speed Force) but it also has technology that blows my mind through a SmartGuide wireless display that shows you how long to brush, what type of brushing to perform, and even if you are using too much pressure. Beyond your general daily brushing, there are also different modes in case you want to do some Tongue Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Whitening, or Massage. You’re all set. There’s even a setting specifically for sensitive teeth!


It’s honestly left me wondering why I was living in the tooth-brushing Dark Ages for so long, when I have could been effectively living in the 24th Century on the Enterprise instead. It is so sleek I hold it in my hand and feel like I am ready to duel a Sith Lord. So really, you could say it covers both the Star Trek and the Star Wars sides of me. (I’m sure if I’d watched more Doctor Who I’d also be making a sonic screwdriver reference here. Oh, wait, I guess I just did.)

Yes, they’re pretty expensive. But frankly, so are dental bills. If you’d like to grab one for yourself, for a limited time you can get one for $7 OFF by going here!

The boys are away for a few days with my in-laws, another very lovely Father’s Day gift I received. It’s been so nice to have a little break to Get Things Done (theoretically) and rest just a little. But now I can’t wait to show them this thing.

And frankly, I miss their smiles.

Disclosure: I partnered with Oral-B and Life of Dad, LLC for the #PowerofDad Father’s Day promotion and was compensated for my involvement. All opinions are my own.

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