Conversations with Little People: Prayers

Conversations with Little People: Prayers

Bedtime prayers are something we do every night around here, and it was certainly pretty special when the boys both started saying them on their own. We encourage them to not just say something by rote, but to actually think about what they are thankful for, or what they want to talk to Jesus about.

Of course, sometimes this backfires…

Coltrane: “Dear Jesus, t’ank you for dwagons, and tha’ we can have a dwagon in our house, and dwagons, dwagons, dwagons rrrrrrrrrooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr! Jesus’ name, aye… dwagon! I mean amen. Dwagon.”
Tucker: “Dear Jesus, please please pleeeeease don’t let Coltrane have any dragons. Amen.”
Coltrane: “HEY!”

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