#FitKitchen Tries Out for the Role of my Kitchen “Wingman”

#FitKitchen Tries Out for the Role of my Kitchen “Wingman”

If there’s one thing people know about me, it’s that along with being a dad, singing, and drawing, one of the things I love most is cooking. I write here and on my Facebook page often about the recipes I love, and the new foods I’ve discovered and want to try making at home. One of the “perks” of being an at-home dad is that I am responsible for most meals, which means I often get to cook the things that I want to cook for the family.

But the truth is, cooking for a family day in and day out can be exhausting. Some days I’m just too tired, too busy, too uninspired, or simply don’t have the time. Some days I look through the fridge, freezer and pantry, and just can’t figure out what I am going to do to get a healthy meal on the table that won’t keep everyone waiting, and will satisfy both with flavor and in providing the healthy meals my kids need.

That’s one of the reasons I jumped at the chance when I was asked recently if I would be interested in trying out STOUFFER’S® brand new line of Fit Kitchen meals to fuel my family for our summer activities. This new line includes contemporary flavors like:

  • STEAK FAJITA in smoked red chile sauce with a mix of red & green peppers and seasoned brown rice
  • CILANTRO LIME CHICKEN white meat chicken with a black bean & corn mix, seasoned brown rice and a verde tomatillo sauce
  • ROTISSERIE SEASONED TURKEY with a mix of diced red skin sweet potatoes & green beans
  • MONTEREY CHICKEN with diced red skin & sweet potatoes, lightly buttered green beans with BBQ style sauce
  • BOURBON STEAK with chipotle mashed sweet potatoes, seasoned broccoli & red peppers
  • OVEN ROASTED CHICKEN with diced red skin potatoes, seasoned broccoli and a savory wine sauce

I was easily sold on the convenience factor, having complete frozen meals ready to go and on the table in minutes. But I live in the land of food carts. If I’m going to feed my family a frozen prepared meal, it had better deliver on nutrition, ingredients, and taste.

Nutritionally the STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meals were right on target. I love how each one has a simple breakdown on the front of the box showing the percentage of calories coming from protein, carbs, and fat. Every entree contains at least 25 grams of protein, and includes complex carbs and vegetables, clearly designed to be hearty meals that would leave your hunger satisfied. Next I looked through the ingredients lists, and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. These meals are made of real food! No HFCS or palm oil, and I was shocked to see that the Bourbon Steak contains actual bourbon. Quality ingredients, simply prepared for me already and frozen at the peak of freshness. Nice.

So next up was taking four of their offerings on a test drive with my family. We selected the Steak Fajita, Rotisserie Turkey, Monterey Chicken, and Bourbon Steak, and got to preparing. Each one only took a few minutes in the microwave. Being married to an engineer and being father to at least one future astronaut, we decided to tackle this taste test scientifically, taking notes about what we liked, and then ranking our favorites.

Our family #FitKitchen score card, because yay charts! #ad A photo posted by Chris Routly (@chrisroutly) on

As you can see, we were a house divided. My wife Anna and youngest son Coltrane ranked the Fajita Steak as their number one favorite, while for myself and our oldest son Tucker it came in fourth. To all of our surprise the early predicted favorite, Bourbon Steak, was well liked but ended up ranking last overall. I liked the Monterey Chicken the best. Tucker loved loved loved the Rotisserie Turkey.

And he wasn’t alone! Being the second choice for everyone else, the overall winner was definitely the ROTISSERIE SEASONED TURKEY with a mix of diced red skin sweet potatoes and green beans. I’ve eaten a lot of overcooked turkey over the years, and was very surprised how moist this was. We all agreed it was something we wanted to dig into again soon.

I found my wingman. Seriously good stuff, this. #FitKitchen @lifeofdad
A photo posted by Chris Routly (@chrisroutly) on

Now, all fueled up and feeling health-conscious, time for a walk!.

Got a spring in my step thanks to #FitKitchen! A photo posted by Chris Routly (@chrisroutly) on

You can find STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen in the frozen aisle at your local Walmart, Target or grocery store or visit www.stouffers.com to find a store near you that carries them.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and STOUFFER’S® for this promotion.  I have received compensation and product for my participation, but my opinions are my own.

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