At last, Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family.

At last, Amazon Mom is now Amazon Family.

It’s finally happened! Joining the rest of the world in equality, the Amazon Mom program in the United States is now officially called Amazon Family, as it is in the rest of the world.

To recap, I first wrote about¬†Amazon Mom back in 2012, and was hardly the first to do so. It seems a small thing, the name of an online discount program, but words matter, and the message being sent by Amazon’s continued use of such gendered language when it comes to caregiving was loud.

Last year, in honor of my dear late friend Oren Miller and his passion for the issue, we in the dad blogging community took up the mantle from him and vowed to see it through. We created the #AmazonFamilyUS hashtag and it gained widespread national media exposure about the issue, and gave new life to an online petition that has now garnered over 13K signatures.

Amazon’s chosen response was silence. Deafening silence, to be honest, as their refusal to acknowledge the issue only made us more determined.

But for all of their silence in public, I know for a fact that within the hallways and offices at Amazon, the issue was being discussed, at all levels.

And although Amazon has, at this point, still not yet acknowledged the #AmazonFamilyUS movement, nor its role in sparking the discussions that eventually led to this change, it’s my belief that this is our victory. They got the message, and after whatever internal procedures or data research was completed, they saw that we were right: the inclusiveness of the name “Amazon Family” not only better reflects the stated corporate values that Amazon claims, but is also simply better for business.

To everyone who supported this movement: Thank you, thank you, thank you. This couldn’t have happened without you.

To Amazon: Thank you. I would love to talk to you more about how this change finally came about, and why.

To Oren: This is for you, buddy. We love and miss you.


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