“The Daddy Doctrines” is now “The Full Routly!”

“The Daddy Doctrines” is now “The Full Routly!”

I’ve been thinking for some time about making a major change here on my site, and with Amazon finally acquiescing on the Amazon Mom thing, I thought it was time I too took the plunge into a name change.

Welcome to The Full Routly

So what’s going to change around here? Honestly, not much, beyond the new logo and new URL (DaddyDoctrines.com will now redirect to Routly.com, my new main address on the web). If you came to Daddy Doctrines to read about fatherhood, you will still be able to do that, although I have to admit that — as my children get older — I am less inclined to write as much about them in ways I have in the past, to help honor their privacy.

Really, I just thought that, with the expanding number of things that I am doing (such as writing and illustrating children’s books, and becoming the President of the National At-Home Dad Network) it would be nice to keep them all under one roof and make this into more of an author portal rather than limit it to being a “dad blog.”  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 😉

Anyhow, there you go! I hope you like the change!

Wait, wait, wait! What is a “Full Routly?”

Oh yeah! Glad you asked!

The term “Full Routly” arose among my friends in the dad community as something of an inside joke. There are actually two different definitions of a Full Routly, which I think by their very existence are a pretty good indicator of my personality and priorities:

Full Routly
[foo l rout lee] 


  1. Informal. To express — in the strongest but most calm and reasonable terms possible — one’s displeasure at something considered unjust, offensive, insulting, or base; righteous anger. The highest score on The Routly Scale of Outrage, the satirical measure of how angry dads are about something.
  2. Informal. To put on a super, super goofy smile and give an enthusiastic “thumb’s up.” Usually done in photographs to express delight and lightheartedness. If you’re not paying attention it sort of sounds like “Fool Routly,” as in “That fool, Routly!” which is probably not an accident.

So whether you come for the righteous indignation, or the goofball cheerfulness, or a mix of both, it’s good to have you. 🙂

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