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What’s the best Dad Car? #KBBDads

What’s the best Dad Car? #KBBDads

I’ve never been much of a “car guy.”  In general, when I’ve thought about getting a car, my thoughts have been for me mostly about practical necessity and price, and way less about engine specs, or any sort of brand loyalty.

That said, I do have opinions! I like what I like, especially now that I’m a busy dad hauling a family (and all of our stuff) around town. Often that means what works best for the family’s needs and budget is the priority, not the top speed, flashy color, or if it looks like James Bond might step out of it at any time.

So when I was asked by Kelley Blue Book and Life of Dad to join a bunch of other dads at KBB HQ, to test drive five of their “16 Best Family Cars of 2016” you can bet I jumped at the chance. And not only because it meant a trip to Southern California for a few days!


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