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My Sons Stink. Help me #HeroClean! (Okay, I might need it too…)

My Sons Stink. Help me #HeroClean! (Okay, I might need it too…)

green-box-products-02-1Digging through the box of products sent to me by my new friends at Hero Clean, there was one product that really sparked my interest, and that’s their Odor Eliminator spray.

Because, lets face it, my boys stink.

Their room stinks, their beds stink, the piles of stuffed toys they sleep and sweat with nightly stink, their bathroom stinks, their shoes and boots stink, and their car seats stink. If it’s this bad when they’re 8 and 6, how bad is his going to get when they’re teenagers, right? I mean… they won’t be in car seats then, I hope, but… well you get the idea.

One of the most clever things to me is how much thought went into the scent of Hero Clean products. They wanted to avoid the overly sweet or floral scents so ubiquitous in cleaning products, but without falling into manly ridiculousness (does anyone really want a bacon scented house? I mean, with no bacon to go with it?) just what should these sorts of things designed with men in mind smell like? I think they really struck something right when they settled on using juniper.

Why juniper? Well, at least in part because it’s the primary ingredient in gin! The result is more of a subtle cologne, rather than overpoweringly floral or even bleachy smells.

Beyond the smart use of scent, Hero Clean also ups the smarts by using real science to deal with the problem of odors, particularly those caused by hormones specific to male biology. Hero Clean’s Odor Defeater Technology contains probiotic microbes that activate on contact with odor-causing bacteria, pushing the odor out and creating a barrier to further bacterial growth. SCIENCE!

Hero Clean Odor Defeater Technology

Hero Cleans Odor Defeater technology works to use probiotic microbes to eliminate odors.

And so, armed with my new odor defeating weapon, I dropped the boys off at school, and set out on an Odor Eliminating Mission around the house.

Taking out the odor coming from the pile of worn shoes in the closet.

Taking out the odor coming from the pile of worn shoes in the closet.


Monkey, my youngest son’s constant night-time companion, gets targeted for Odor Elimination.

The result? Well, I’m going to lie, my boys aren’t the only ones who create some pretty intense odors around here, and I may have done a second round targeting my own stinky gear. This stuff works, guys.

One more thing I want to mention that I love about this line of products: 7% of all Hero Clean product’s net profits are used to support our nations veterans through the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America). That’s awesome.

If you would like to try Hero Clean products for yourself, they’re available now at select Ace Hardware, Wegman’s, Runnings, and Target stores.

Disclosure: I received compensation for trying out Hero Clean and letting you know what I think of it. All opinions are my own though, as always.

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Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean

Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean


I may have an obsession with this particular message t-shirt…

I am a man who wears a lot of t-shirts. I’m also a man who does a lot of laundry. So you could say I know my way around washing t-shirts.

And yet, I have a problem: spots.

Mystery oil spots, to be specific.

Y’know, the ones that seem to show up on your clothes after they’ve been washed? Those.

Bane of my existence. Where do they come from? I have no idea. I’m not gonna lie, I’m certain I’ve created my fair share of stained shirts because of the one-two punch of being a pretty messy cook, and having a belly that is known to protrude from time to time. But these aren’t the remnants of dripped food. These are mystery spots. And no matter how much I spot-treat, they always seem to come back.

And nothing is worse than having someone come over and want to talk about my snazzy Dads Don’t Babysit shirt, and then noticing that I have a bunch of oil spots stippled across my belly.

So when Hero Clean sent me a bunch of their new products to try, I was eager to see if their laundry detergent could do a better job.

What’s Hero Clean, you ask? Hey, thanks for asking!

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