Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean

Mystery Spots, Me, and #HeroClean

I may have an obsession with this particular message t-shirt…

I am a man who wears a lot of t-shirts. I’m also a man who does a lot of laundry. So you could say I know my way around washing t-shirts.

And yet, I have a problem: spots.

Mystery oil spots, to be specific.

Y’know, the ones that seem to show up on your clothes after they’ve been washed? Those.

Bane of my existence. Where do they come from? I have no idea. I’m not gonna lie, I’m certain I’ve created my fair share of stained shirts because of the one-two punch of being a pretty messy cook, and having a belly that is known to protrude from time to time. But these aren’t the remnants of dripped food. These are mystery spots. And no matter how much I spot-treat, they always seem to come back.

And nothing is worse than having someone come over and want to talk about my snazzy Dads Don’t Babysit shirt, and then noticing that I have a bunch of oil spots stippled across my belly.

So when Hero Clean sent me a bunch of their new products to try, I was eager to see if their laundry detergent could do a better job.

What’s Hero Clean, you ask? Hey, thanks for asking!

PhotoGrid_1492128758818Hero Clean is a new cleaning line designed with men in mind. At first maybe that makes you wonder what that even means. Is everything BBQ scented? Shaped like a football? Sold in camo packaging? Similarly steeped in manly-man stereotypes? No. This is more about science. Science that says that a) men do, in fact, clean stuff, and b) a lot of men’s stuff contains odors that sweet, flowery cleaners just aren’t designed to handle. Hero Clean is the first-ever scientifically formulated line of cleaning products for guys’ unique sweat, stains, odors and messes. Their laundry detergent uses a new unique Odor Defeater tech, and contains 6 high-octane enzymes designed to specifically remove stains from proteins, starches, fruits, oils, and fats, while protecting colors and whites.

Perhaps more importantly, to me, they exist because people are actually getting the message that household tasks like cleaning are not only done by women any more, and that men — be they married, single, dads, sons, or roommates — need cleaners made with their needs and likes in mind. Progress, right?

Ready to put Hero Clean to the test, I grabbed a few of my favorite t-shirts, and set to work.

PhotoGrid_1492128879231Hero Clean knows that you’re not an idiot, so on the back of the Hero Clean bottle are pretty simple instructions, including for stain treatment: “Lightly rub a small amount on a spot and wash regularly.”  Also a joke about glitter, which is a nice touch for those of us who’ve had to deal with a glitter infestation. Curse that infernal stuff!

I don’t think you need a full rundown of what I did next, so I’ll keep it brief: I did laundry. I treated the worst stains, and popped in a load of my favorite t-shirts. The result? Hey, clean shirts! Neato! The mustard stain is gone, and I will confess right now that I do not recall when I last had mustard, so that was an ooooold stain. Also, those little flecks of mystery oil? Gone. Nice.

Before and after. Truly, I am a laundry hero. (Also, #DadsDontBabysit!)

Before and after. Truly, I am a laundry hero. (Also, #DadsDontBabysit, man!)

If you would like to try Hero Clean products for yourself, they’re available now at select Ace Hardware, Wegman’s, Runnings, and Target stores.

(Look for my review of their Odor Eliminator spray in a couple of weeks, because, well, my sons and I stink sometimes.)

Disclosure: I received compensation for trying out Hero Clean and letting you know what I think of it. All opinions are my own though, as always.

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