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“I have written and illustrated a handful of children’s books, as well as published a collection of my comic strip Life of Ronnie. If you are interested in purchasing a book, you came to the right place!”
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Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish

The charming story of two brothers who discover that — with a little imagination — a jellyfish might be the most useful friend ever!

The Animalphabet

The Animalphabet

What kid doesn’t love animals? I know mine does.

When my eldest son was first born, I created a series of animal characters from every letter of the alphabet to use in decorating his nursery. Now here they are, all in one book!

From ‘A is for Alligator’ to ‘Z is for Zebra,’ kids will love this fun way to learn their ABCs.

Featuring a fun, colorfully illustrated animal for every letter of the alphabet!


El Animalfabeto

¿A qué niño no le gusta los animales? Sé que el mío.

Cuando mi hijo mayor nació en primer lugar, he creado una serie de personajes animales de cada letra del alfabeto a utilizar en la decoración de su vivero. Ahora aquí están, todos en un solo libro!

Desde “A para el Abeja (Bee)” a “Z es para el Zorro (Fox),” los niños les encantará esta forma divertida de aprender a leer y escribir.

Con una divertida, colorida muestra de animales por cada letra del alfabeto!


Now I Eat My ABCs

From ‘A is for Apple’ to ‘Z is for Zucchini,’ kids will love this fun way to learn about healthy foods while also learning their ABCs.

I know that at the very least, my own son is now I way more aware of the existence of things like Durian, Quince and Ximenia.

Featuring a fun, colorfully illustrated fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet!



(with Mike Howerton)

It seems we’ve lost what children inhabit. Wonder. Somehow, when a thing has become common to us grown-ups, we pretend it’s not a miracle.

We are content with knowing the WHAT. We use science to determine the HOW. But we never pry into the mystery of WHY.

And that’s where we find God, in all of his glory, in all of his grace, in all of his goodness. That’s where he surprises us by doing the unexpected.

That’s where the WONDER is…


Life of Ronnie

Life of Ronnie is my semi-autobiographical comic strip, following the day-to-day struggles and successes of a young man edging his way towards adulthood. Finding his first place, the terrible jobs, the relationship woes, the “Ask a Canadian” letter column, the All-You-Can-Eat Sushi gorge-fests with the guys… it’s all here.

This huge compilation includes most of the first 270 Life of Ronnie strips produced.

The webcomic itself is currently on hiatus, as I plan Volume 2, but you can read more or see updates at!

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