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Clorox: Because Dad is as Dumb as a Dog…? What?

Clorox: Because Dad is as Dumb as a Dog…? What?

I get sent a lot of links to various and sundry incidents where a brand has stepped over the line when it comes to their depiction of fatherhood. Believe it or not, I post about very few of them.

But today a new article on the official Clorox webpage entitled “6 Mistakes New Dads Make” [*Update: It has now been pulled, but here’s a Google cache version*] was brought to my attention, and I just can’t stay quiet about it.

It starts off with a bang:

Saying ‘No-no’ is not just for baby. Like dogs or other house pets, new Dads are filled with good intentions but lacking the judgment and fine motor skills to execute well. Here are a few dangerous no-nos new Dads might make, and some training tips.

No, you did not read that wrong.

Clorox — or some poor social media intern who, at this point used to work for Clorox — actually wrote those words. Dads are like dogs. Well-meaning, but dumb and unable to complete basic tasks.

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